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Battle it out with our Sumo Suits!


Guaranteed to leave you rolling on the floor with laughter, this set makes for great event entertainment.

Bounce, duck, dive, swing & belly-slam your opponent until they either step outside of the ring or touch the ground with anything but their feet! Best of 3 rounds wins!


Hire includes:

  • 2x Adult Sumo Suits 
  • 2x Padded Helmets
  • 2x Sets Gloves
  • 1x Ring Mat
  • 1x Carry Bag


A flat and even 5mx5m ground space (grass or indoor flooring) & 2.5m height clearance is required. We can supply additional padded mats for an additional cost should you wish to use the setup on a concrete surface.

Please note this is designed to be a fun challenge and we are not in the business of people getting hurt in any way. Using the equipment in the intended way will ensure everyone has a good time & goes home in one piece, unhurt!

Sumo Suits