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The original Giant Beer Pong Game that can be played anywhere by anyone. Quite simply, this set is BIGGER-BETTER-PONG!

It is the perfect backyard game and can be played at the beach, poolside or to entertain guests at your next event! The large buckets are heavier on the bottom and all stack up neatly into a compact portable unit.


Set includes:

  • 12x Giant Pong Buckets

  • 4x Giant 'Pong' Balls


Rules: Giant Beer Pong is an oversized twist on the time honored game of beer pong. Instead of the classic red solo cups this game makes use of giant buckets and oversized sized “ping pong balls.” To play 6 buckets are set up in a pyramid formation on each side 5-7 metres apart. Each player gets an oversized ball to shoot once per turn. Every time a bucket is made the bucket is removed. First to clear the buckets wins. 

Giant Beer Pong